Huggalugs - Cable Knit Leghuggers (Vine)

New from Huggalugs are these very special cable knit legwarmers.

Knitted with 99% cotton and 1% spandex, this style is especially suited for those who require a high cotton content legwarmer.

Ultra lounge style, perfect from playground to party.

Key features :

: Easy to pull on under or over skirts and pants.
: Great at nudie bum time for a leg cover that doesn't get in the way of toilet dashes!
: Handy for quick weather or temperature changes - so easy to slip on arms and legs even with a t-shirt on!
: Just made for helping little ones learn to dress themselves while their dexterity is improving.
: Perfect for dress up fun!

The same product is used on both the arms and the legs. One size fits most from birth to big kids up to the thigh.

Cable Knit Leghuggers can also be worn by older children, teens and adults as traditional calf height leg warmers, arm warmers and open toed socks.

PICTURED WITH : Huggalugs Sock Monkey Beanie (Pink).

Price: $19.95 AUD
  $10.00 AUD